The CEDR Modbear project produced a number of deliverables that can be accessed below.

Main Deliverables

Research Findings Report

This report describes the findings of the MODBEAR research project and contains best practice examples, Includes all appendices.

Research Structure Report

This report describes the research process of the MODBEAR project including methodology, assumptions, challenges, and results. Includes all appendices.

Mobility Management Guidance

The Guidance presents final recommendations and guidelines developed as a result of the MODBEAR research project.

Supporting Documents

Initial Research:
Greenhouse Gas Emission Data and Modal Split per CEDR member

As part of WP 1, the baseline mobility and travel conditions were researched for CEDR countries. This included looking into the evolution of parameters such as mode share, vehicle miles travelled and GHG emissions.

Additional Research: Questionnaire to NRAs

This questionnaire was sent to CEDR NRAs in order to gain insight knowledge about Mobility Management and Traffic Management practice.

Additional Research: Infographics

The Infographics for each country included in the study provide a detailed overview about Mobility Management practice and conditions for 13 CEDR Member States. They represent results from the questionnaire evaluation.


TRA Conference

Intermediate presentation covering the results of the initial and additional research. 

Vienna, April 2018

Climate Change Summit Presentation

Presentation at the Climate Change Call Final Event about the findings of the Modbear project.

Utrecht, November 2018

MODBEAR Project Summary

Final presentation covering the research findings as well as the Mobility Management Guidance.

CEDR Climate Change Call - Links

End of Programme Report

to be finalised April 2019


Link to CEDR Website:
Call 2015 Climate Change – From Desk to Road