Welcome to the project website of the Modbear project

Modbear is part of the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme – Call 2015 Climate Change: From Desk to Road and was carried out  by Arup, Trivector and Hasselt University. The aim of this programme is to undertake research on integrating Climate Change into decision-making processes of CEDR National Road Authorities (NRAs) and implementing existing research into practice.
The project started in November 2016 and concluded in February 2019.

About the project

Climate change mitigation and adaptation have become significant challenges for NRAs. Mobility Management can play an important role in tackling them. On the one hand, it can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions of road transport, on the other hand it can be used in reaction to planned and unplanned road events that demand action to sustain accessibility to the NRA’s road networks.

The aim of the Modbear project was to analyse current Mobility Management policies and practices in place across CEDR NRAs, in both the context of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to sustain accessibility and influence travel behaviour during severe weather events. This assessment is a starting point to establish adequate Mobility Management practice in NRAs.

More specifically, the Modbear project was looking into questions such as:

  • What do NRAs of CEDR Member States mean by Mobility Management?
  • Do they distinguish Mobility Management from Traffic Management?
  • Which are the Policies and Mobility Management Measures currently in place?
  • How effective are the present policies and Mobility Management Measures?

In the context of this project, Mobility Management is referred
to as a long-term focussed change of travel behaviour from
a car driving to more sustainable modes of transport by
mainly using soft measures, for example,
information campaigns or stakeholder coordination.

The Research Findings Report describes the findings of the MODBEAR research project and contains Best Practice examples for the elements Mobility Management Definition and Expertise, Policies, Role, Measures, Funding and Stakeholders.

The Mobility Management Guidance presents a set of recommendations for NRAs on how to incorporate Mobility Management. The Mobility Management Guidance provides recommendations for the following elements:  Mobility Management Definition and Expertise, Policies, Role, Measures, Funding and Stakeholders.

All deliverables of the Modbear project can be accessed in the Downloads section.